Joey and I firmly believe that wedding photographers should be an integral part of a wedding day. I mean, we've seen a fair few weddings; that experience should be put to use, right? This means that we provide a hands on experience before, during and after your wedding. In need of some advice on what make up would look good both in your photographs and in person? Drop me an email! Need someone to do something for you on the wedding morning but there's not a bridesmaid in sight? I'll get on that! Can't decide on what pictures should make it into your album? Let us design a draft for you! If there's something you need help with but just don't know who to ask, try me and I'll see if I can figure it out for you. I basically want to be the person I wish I had on my own wedding day! 

what we bring to the table

Gone are the days when wedding photography meant just a 'look at the camera and smile' moment outside the church, and rightly so! Wedding days are about so much more than that and with the advancement of technology we are now able to document one of the most important days of our lives in detail like never before. Our memories can only do so much as time passes, which means that your wedding photographs actually increase in value as you get further away from your day. This means it is very important to find a photographer who understands how important the whole experience is and who works in a way that speaks to you. If you're a good match with your photographer, your wedding day becomes that much easier, believe me!

getting it right

We are on hand to help throughout your day, but despite this we work in a low key and unobtrusive way. The amount of formal portraits we take is completely down to you, and I'm happy to talk through this with you. When we're not working with you to create the portraits you want, we are flies on the wall, capturing plenty of candids and natural moments in order to show your day as it unfolds in an authentic way. The majority of photos you see on this website are unposed candids, even if they don't appear that way! Quite often the wedding will flash by and since you'll be at the centre of it you will sometimes miss things that happen around you. With the two of us there you will see much more of the day and more of your guests!

are we a match made in heaven?

how we work

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