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Best of 2017


2017 was a big year for me. I bought a camera, I bought a lot of lenses, I took some courses and I launched a website. I then shot some weddings (scary), quit my job (scarier) and found myself working as the owner of my own business (terrifying).

One day I might go through each of those things in more detail, but for now it’s enough to say thank you.
Thank you to those brave, brave couples who took me on as their photographer when all I had to show them were some photos of my cats.
Thank you to the vendors and suppliers who were so sweet and encouraging while I was getting started.
Thank you to my mum, my aforementioned cats and my husband. Without their help and support, I could never have done this.

There’s so much more to come. Watch this space and in the meantime, enjoy this selection of my favourite moments from 2017.

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