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Amy and Nigel – Kailzie Gardens, Peebles

It’s been a busy autumn for us so far! As well as plenty of weddings, fighting off colds and preparing for our first proper holiday in years (Tokyo, for two weeks in November, I’M NOT READY), we’ve been running around like headless chickens trying to get ready for the Borders Wedding Show, which we made a last minute decision to join after much umm-ing and ah-ing over if we had time to do it. I’ve no idea if we’ll have the pretty booth of my dreams, but at the very least we will be there on Sunday the 21st at Kelso Springwood Hall bearing samples and a special offer for show attendees (the ONLY time of year I offer any kind of bonus) but you’ll have to be there to know what it is! We made connections with some very special couples at the same show last year so I’m looking forward to meeting more of you lovely lot this time too.

I think one of the things I love most about wedding photography is that you get such a feel for the change of seasons, particularly when you specialise in natural light and the outdoors like I do. It’s like an amplified version of the feeling that I get now that I’m out all days in all weathers with Bingley – the light, colours and smells of the natural world and the way they change through the year start to feel familiar and they lend their own influence to my work. Amy and Nigel’s wedding took place at the end of September, when autumn really starts to make itself known, and I feel you can see that creeping into their photographs. Their wedding was spread over two days with their ceremony on the Friday at the Kailzie Gardens in Peebles followed by a celebration on Saturday evening at Traquair Village Hall. It was lovely spending twice the usual number of days with the same people; by the time the ceilidh rolled around we felt like guests ourselves! Amy and Nigel’s wedding was simple and intimate, with an easy elegance which when all put together made for a really magical experience (Sidenote: Amy’s DRESS, my goodness, I’m still not over it).

Some particular highlights from the weekend include Amy and Nigel’s super lovely parents (I’m a sucker for parents at weddings) and getting to know more about them throughout the celebration. It was clear that their friends and family adore them. Nigel’s inability to stop grinning the whole time was adorable too! They’re both keen runners which was a theme woven through the two days (they even ran the morning after the wedding! I was seriously impressed), so I was pleased to be able to get some shots of the two of them together in their element, surrounded by hills and countryside.

Featured Vendors:

Ceremony Venue: Kailzie Gardens,

Reception Venue: Traquair Village Hall

Dress: Pan Pan Bridal

Bouquets: Fountain Flowers

Hair: Hair by Studio One

Music: Edinburgh Sounds

Cake: The Herbivore Kitchen

Bread: Bread in the Borders (by Amy’s dad!)

Rings: The Ringmaker

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