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Abby and Jordann – Aikwood Tower

Almost a year ago I photographed my very first wedding at Aikwood Tower in Selkirk, so I was very pleased to be asked to the venue again a few weeks ago, this time to capture the wedding of Abby and Jordann. Scotland being Scotland, we still had snow lingering when I arrived at the Tower, though to be honest I was pretty excited as I do love the white stuff. Abby and Jordann had opted for a small and intimate wedding, so it was a privilege to be included in their day. When photographing a wedding with less than 20 people present you can run the risk of feeling a bit like a creepy outsider with a camera, but everyone was so welcoming and sweet (I even managed to have a natter about my baby Bingley the collie) that I really felt part of the event. Everyone was super relaxed; I’d go so far as to say this was the most relaxed wedding I’ve been at! There was no rushing here and there, everything went at it’s own pace and unfolded naturally. I was only there for a few hours but it felt much longer than that (in a good way!), when usually weddings zip by in a blur. I think the venue helped facilitate this feeling; Aikwood Tower is old, 500 years old in fact, and while there is plenty of space and beautiful grounds, everything within it’s boundaries has a certain feeling of timelessness. I imagine that staying there for a whole weekend as part of a wedding party must feel like being cocooned from the rest of the world, as that’s certainly the impression I took away from my time there.

This wedding presented me with something of a professional challenge as a photographer who thrives on natural light; it was dark and overcast for whole day, limiting light outdoors and inside the Tower itself. I know, it’s amazing I haven’t encountered such a dark day yet in a whole year of shooting weddings, considering where I live, but it’s true, this was a first for me. The mist was hanging low over the trees of the valley – it made for a wonderful view and suited the Tower very well, but I was worried that the accompanying rain would dampen the will of the wedding party for some outdoor photographs. I shouldn’t have been concerned. One of my favourite moments was when I posed the question of outdoor portraits to Abby and Jordann. The rain was showing no sign of easing up and it wasn’t exactly warm outside,  but they immediately said yes, with Abby heading straight off to pull on her wellies. Once they were on she was raring to go! I love a bride who will throw off her heels and march through the snow, I think they deserve medals. It was well worth the effort as they look absolutely amazing in their portraits, and I was tickled pink when we got back inside to hear them say that they had actually enjoyed standing in the rain with me! I hope you enjoy this little selection of highlights from their day.




Vendors Featured

Venue: Aikwood Tower

Flowers: Bess BBR Flowers

Hair: Michelle’s Hairstyling

Caterer: Orde Food Company

Handfasting Ribbon: Glen Stitch

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