Ever feel like you have to choose between fancy photos or a chillaxed wedding day?

Well, I'm a 'why not both?' type of girl.

more than just the photographs

Wedding photography is about so much more than just the end result! The photos are of course incredibly important, but your experience on the wedding day is key to being able to look back with pleasure. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to bringing all of our skills to your big day. From my ability to take pretty pictures in a car park if necessary to Joey's talent for quick thinking tech solutions, we provide a hands on service to help ensure that your day flows smoothly, taking it upon ourselves whenever possible to resolve any problems that may arise. 

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Hi! I'm Ruth and I'm kind of the boss lady of Jasmine Skye Photography. Together with my husband Joey, I work at documenting weddings all over the UK and beyond. We're looking for couples who want timeless, bright and beautifully romantic photos where you can't even tell we were actually joking about Harry Potter. 

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the other half

This is Joey doing...something, I don't know what. He gets up to all sorts on wedding days. From second shooting (making sure you've got eyes everywhere on your big day) to fetch quests or simply supporting me - often literally. If I need to climb a wall to get the right angle then by golly I'll do it and Joey will be right there holding my legs and providing me somewhere soft to land. Not all heroes wear capes.

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Yeah, I was just looking for an excuse to post pictures of our pets on the homepage. No regrets.

(Yes, the black cat is the weird one)

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Contact us for a copy of our current pricing guide. While you're at it, tell me about you. Tell me who you are, what you imagine for your wedding day, how you met, what your favourite tv show is, what you're wearing...wait. Not that last one.

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